Pitt First Power 5 Offer for 2021 Louisiana TE Rhett Guidry

by Nathan Dorton

Pitt football’s geographic recruiting map has expanded over the last few years, with numerous offers to states like Georgia, Michigan and South Carolina. This year, Texas has been getting plenty of attention.

In the Class of 2021, Pat Narduzzi already has commitments from players in eight states: Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.

Pitt is hoping up increase that to nine after the last offer.

Tim Salem extended an offer Sunday night to 2021 tight end Rhett Guidry from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Guidry graduated The Dunham School in Baton Rouge before moving on to Palmetto Prep School In Columbia, South Carolina for the 2020 season.

Courtesy of Rhett Guidry

Although Guidry is a new name to Pitt fans, he’s someone Salem has been recruiting for the past six months. Pitt had been recruiting him for their Class of 2020, but didn’t offer after adding transfer Lucas Krull and junior college tight end Daniel Moraga.

Pittsburgh Sports Now talked to Guidry after he received the news of landing his first Power Five offer.

”I transitioned from being a quarterback to a tight end the summer going into my senior year,” said Guidry. “That’s when Pitt started to notice me. Coach Salem started talking to me and came down to one of my games and kept sticking with me throughout this process. They didn’t have an offer available to me back then but when I re-classified to a 2021, they saw my potential and sent an offer my way.

“When Coach called me the first time, I was actually out on the boat fishing and didn’t have my phone with me. When I got back Sunday night, I thought it was pretty strange for a coach to call you four times on a Sunday night so I thought this was something important. When I eventually talked  to coach, he got right to the point and offered. After that, I thanked him for that and also for believing in me this whole time when I wasn’t as big. I was probably 210 at that time and now I’m up to 225 and slowly getting stronger and better.”