PLAYER INTERVIEW: Dillion Porter - T - 2022

by Palmetto Media

Palmetto Prep Academy’s Dillion Porter recently sat down with  Stewart Dolbeare to catch up on the upcoming season.

1.    What made you choose Palmetto Prep Academy?  

The coaching staff and the directors all welcomed me in and seemed very excited to work with me. The energy they brought is what I was looking for.

2.    What high school did you graduate from? 

I graduated from Roanoke catholic in Roanoke, VA. 

3.    What makes you a top prospect at your position in the 2022 recruiting class? 

I’m big, strong, fast, and have great feet. I can do everything on the field. I’m a very versatile Athlete.

4.    What is one thing that colleges and universities should know about you?

I would want colleges and universities to work hard every day, no matter the circumstances.

5.    What are you thinking about majoring in when you get to college?

I am thinking of majoring in construction engineering.

6.    What is the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I ever received was if You don’t work, you don’t eat.

7.    Overcoming adversity is what defines character; what was the hardest moment in your life to overcome?

The most challenging moment I had to overcome was losing my grandfather to cancer.

8.    Do you have any offers currently? 

 I currently do not have any offers. 

9.If you could sell yourself in one sentence, what would you say? 

Football is my way out; that’s my home. I live by it.

Dillon Porter

🏈 6’6 255 – T

📚 2.3 GPA

📱 @dilllonporter – (276) -200-7896

🏢 Palmetto Prep Academy (PG)

🏢 Roanoke Catholic, VA (HS)

🎓 Class of 2022 – Mid Year

🎥 HS Film: