■ PLAYER INTERVIEW: Greyson Cadd - DE - 2022

by Palmetto Media

Palmetto Prep Academy’s Greyson Cadd recently sat down with Stewart Dolbeare to catch up on the upcoming season.

What made you choose Palmetto Prep Academy?

While researching for prep schools leading to my high school graduation, I found many different options. Many prep schools in my area claimed to offer a quality experience, but Palmetto was clearly in a league above the others and was near my home in Charlotte.

What high school did you graduate from?

I graduated from Charlotte Christian School in Charlotte, NC.

 What makes you a top prospect at your position in the 2022 recruiting class?

  I’ve worked exceedingly hard this past year to become the peak version of myself.  I’ve doubled my strength and continued to work with a former NFL player on my mechanics as a player. I have overhauled my eating to gain a healthy weight.  I am determined; I will not be beaten and refuse to be overlooked. 

 What is one thing that colleges and universities should know about you?

Due to Covid, I have had to wait and learn to be patient. During this time, I’ve matured and become more focused on what I want.  I am determined, excited, and ready to be a significant contributor to a team.

 What are you thinking about majoring in when you get to college?

I haven’t yet decided on exactly what I want to major in during school. However, I like solving problems, fixing things, and seeing my hard work in action. I also love nature and being connected to the Earth around me. These interests give me a good starting point for searching for a career in the future.

 What is the best advice you have ever received?

Some of the best advice I ever received was to take heed of the word of those around me. Many people have a lot more experience than I do and can offer counsel on situations they have already dealt with.

7. Overcoming adversity is what defines character; what was the hardest moment in your life to overcome?

This past year has challenged me along the way. Having to rethink my decisions and stay strong on the path that I have chosen despite the many obstacles in my way.

8. Do you have any offers currently?

I do not have any offers currently for the 2021 season but had four offers coming out of high school, including Citadel, Butler, Mercer, Presbyterian, and a preferred walk on to WakeForest.

If you could sell yourself in one sentence, what would you say?

I will not stop until I’ve reached the goals I’ve set.

Greyson Cadd

🏈 6’3 236 – DE

📚 2.75 GPA – 1110 SAT

📱 @CaddGreyson – (980) -260-8142

🏢 Palmetto Prep Academy (PG)

🏢 Charlotte Christian, NC (HS)

🎓 Class of 2022 – Mid Year

🎥 HS Film: